2018 International Forum on Disability Management Forum Vision

The International Forum on Disability Management (IFDM) started with a vision: to gather representatives of stakeholders in disability management and return to work from all over the world in order to assemble global perspectives on consensus-based best practices, cutting edge research and successful disability management / return to work policies and programs.

Since 2002, IFDM world forums have offered global leadership, cutting edge solutions and evidence-based research findings for key government, business and labour leaders, as well as representatives from the disability management and return to work provider communities.

With the establishment of the Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS) with its unique statutory mandate focusing on all aspects of workplace health, it was a natural fit for PCU-WHS to host the next IFDM in 2018.

The entire field of workplace health is moving toward an integrated approach where dedicated programs designed to assist injured and disabled workers to successfully return to work cannot operate in isolation from effective occupational health and safety and health promotion efforts.

Our hope is that IFDM 2018 will showcase cutting edge leadership from all perspectives – practical, policy, research – in this significant and rapidly evolving field to a global audience.