Concurrent Workshops Session 5

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm
Theme Topic Session Abstract Title
Overcoming Health Barriers Supporting Return to Work 2


Shaughnessy I

Injured workers returning to work: Issues and challenges
Personal assistant for injured employees during the rehabilitation process: Russia’s experience
Overcoming Health Barriers Stress and Mental Health


Point Grey

Mental traumatisation caused by violent events in the workplace: How the BGHW can help
How to enhance return to work of burned-out employees? A qualitative study of professionals’ perspectives
Innovation in return to work: A coordinated interdisciplinary team approach to mental stress injuries
International Perspectives Service Coordination



Equipping health professionals to become return-to-work coordinators in public hospitals
Returning injured workers to work: Experience of case managers in Malaysia
Case management under SOCSO Return to Work Programme: The perspectives on hiring disabled workers among stakeholders
Workplace Perspective Workplace Culture 3


Shaughnessy II

Communication gaps within large and complex organizations and their contribution to avoidable disability days: A systems-based study
The Disability Confident Employer Program
Creating mentally healthy workplaces
Workplace Perspective Presenteeism



Examining the link between total health, resiliency, mental health, and presenteeism
The impact of presenteeism on health and productivity in the workplace
Workplace practices and policies to support workers with depression