Concurrent Workshops Session 3

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 10:15 am to 12:00 pm
Theme Topic Session Abstract Title
Overcoming Health Barriers Health Interventions



When the treatment becomes the barrier: Addressing new challenges facing DM Professionals
How antidepressant and psychotherapy treatment utilization for depressive disorder influences work disability
Addiction medicine in the workplace in 2018
Overcoming Health Barriers RTW Mental Health Support


Point Grey

Barriers and facilitators for return to work of workers with mental health problems: A multi-stakeholder perspective
Revisiting an integrated model to disability management [by applying a common approach to managing occupational and non-occupational claims]
To disclose or conceal mental health problems in the work environment? A multi-stakeholder focus group study on the disclosure dilemma (preliminary results)
Workplace Perspective Integrated Approach


Shaughnessy II

SOCSO Tun Razak Rehabilitation Centre: Best Practices in Successful Return to Work & Sustainability at Work for Amputees
Evidence of the positive impact of Health Benefits of Good Work concepts on early intervention treatment
Changing focus, changing lives: Focusing on abilities, workplace options and early return to work
International Perspectives Building System Capacity



Implementation of the Disability Management training program and certification in Belgium: Steps taken
Implementing an international Disability Management training program in Belgium: Lessons learned
Workplace Perspective Workplace Culture 1


Shaughnessy I

A total health approach for workplaces: Linking prevention to return to work
Workplace culture and environment: The impact on disability claims management
A retrospective analysis of employers’ DM policy and practice 2004-2016