Concurrent Workshops Session 1

Monday, October 15, 2018 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm
Theme Topic Session Abstract Title
Overcoming Health Barriers Assessment


Point Grey

Criterion validity of the Quickscan questionnaire to assess risk of long-term sickness absence: A cross-sectional validation study
Assessing the risk of long-term sickness absence: Validation study of a new assessment instrument
Assessing cognition and cognitive demands in stay at work
Changing Employment Landscape Demographics



From prevention to rehabilitation and back: The cycle of Disability Management in temporary work
Factors affecting the return-to-work outcome of migrant workers after a work injury
Low skilled work, aging workforce and the multicultural workplace: New challenges for disability management at the workplace in Switzerland?
International Perspectives Return to Work


Shaughnessy I

Work-injury management and return-to-work in the manufacturing industry in Selangor, Malaysia
Return to work in Germany- Disability Management offers possibilities to reach this target
Occupational rehabilitation systems for workers with acquired non-occupational health conditions: An EU perspective
Workplace Perspective Early Intervention 1


Pinnacle III

Promoting informed employees in the disability management process: Construction of a decision aid for employees with a chronic disease concerning disclosure at the workplace
Demystifying DM & RTW: How the Ontario Hospital Association in partnership with Desjardins Insurance assists Ontario Hospital employees successfully return to work
Innovative approaches to help employees return to health and work sooner
Labour Market Inclusion Employment Equity


Shaughnessy II

Recruiting, retaining and engaging individuals living with a mental illness
Creating evidence-informed theory-driven interventions to increase hiring practices of people with disabilities
Predictors of employment in a sample of individuals with a serious mental health illness who are receiving community mental health services: Using the Ontario Common Assessment of Need